Release Notes: 9/12/16: New Vehicle categories, more formatting options, tiered pricing options, and more!

We're really excited about several updates to the functionality of Chem-man Online!

1. Options to hide the label and field name from map markers

Ever wanted to have more options about map markers?  Follow these directions to make adjustments:
Setup Menu > System Settings > Maps Tab; then click "Map Label Settings" in the left bottom corner. Be sure to SAVE this.
Now try reviewing a map display to make sure that you've got the options the way you prefer.

2. Allow Crop and/or Pests to be required when entering job schedule/invoices. 

There are some businesses that want the crop and/or pest to be required before the invoice is finalized.
You can adjust this under the Setup Menu > System Settings > General System Settings tab.

3. New Vehicle Categories

You can now add a category to your vehicles. This gives you the ability to filter your jobs by more detailed categories such as "Planes" or "Helicopters"  and create category types such as "Air" and "Ground".
To do this: Go to Vehicle Menu > Edit Vehicle. You can add the category next to the vehicle type by clicking on the "+" key for new or drop-down for an existing category. You can even filter your job scheduling by these categories.

4. Allow 24 hour format (military time) option.Do you prefer to see the time in a 24-hour format? 

Simply go to the Setup Menu > System Settings and click on the time option. 
*Your invoices should convert to the new time and will reflect on future invoices/reporting.

5. New tiered pricing option.

There is now a new feature called "tiered pricing" that is similar to the rate break but allows you to have more options. Example: You might want to give one price at 100 lbs./ acre, another price at 200 lbs./ acre, another price at 300 lbs./ acre.  
*Please note that your existing pricing structure has not changed, it just now has more options.
Give our support line a call to assist you if you'd like to try this out.

6. Transfer Jobs back to Scheduling

Oops! Didn't mean to transfer to an invoice? We made a easy way to fix that.

Look for the option to "Transfer back to Scheduling" in the Unposted Field Application menu.

7. Allow Jobs to be Cancelled.

Some of our customers have asked to be able see all of jobs that have been cancelled. 

Now when you click on the "Cancel" button you will get the following response:
"This will set the status to 'Cancelled' and the job schedule will not show up in the default job schedule search. Cancelled job schedules will be automatically deleted after 90 days."

*Note: You must cancel a job before it can be deleted. After a job is cancelled, click "Edit", and then the delete button will be available.

We always look forward to hearing about how these enhancements to our product  help you and your business. Be sure to share your thoughts with us!


The Chem-Man Crew