Release Notes:

We're really excited about several updates to the functionality of Chem-man Online!

1. Option to modify the commissionable flag on the field application.

We now have a feature to allow a user to view or edit whether a charge is commissionable at the time of invoice entry. This will avoid the "mystery" of why someone didn't get paid a commission later to find that the chemical's commission was set to "none".

You will now see a little checkbox below a commissionable charge/chemical and have the ability to uncheck if you choose to do so.

2. Ability to print a map on the invoice.

Chem-Man Online subscribers now have the ability to print maps on the invoice. This exciting feature also includes the ability to print the “As Applied” log file layer on top of the polygon. You can turn this on by the following instructions:

Setup, System settings, invoice/ statement formatting. Then use the following settings: "Print Map on Field Application Invoices; Include Applied Log in Printed Map"

Note: If you enter a job schedule it will default to the above settings. You will have the ability to modify it in the field application screen.

3. Ability to print "All" of the invoices on the report - "Invoice Trans. in Statement Format".

You can now print invoices by the date range. You can print invoices for individual customers or for all customers.

4. Option to view "Both" unposted and posted field applications.

You can choose between multiple ways to view your field applications.

Go to the drop-down option at the top right of the field application screen where and choose view options "Unposted, Posted, Both".

Note: If you choose "Both" you will now be able to review all of your invoices.

5. For our customers that are using Agrian, you now have the ability to print you recommendation directly from the job schedule.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming!

The Staff of Chem-Man