Is your data secure?

Iā€™m concerned about the security of my data. Look at Target. People were able to hack into what they thought was a secure system!
Secure Data

This is a question that we are commonly asked and its a valid concern.  We always want to make sure that our information is secure. It may seem like information saved on our hard drive is the most secure, however, your desktop program is most likely a lot more vulnerable to viruses and hackers than our online software.
Chem-Man software is rated to the same standards as the medical software that we make, which makes our software extremely secure.  As long as you don't pass along sensitive information like usernames and passwords, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
The truth is sites that are targeted from hackers are most likely following a money trail. Since there is no credit card information available hackers are not likely interested.

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