Chem-Man starts a full month of conventions!

We often tell people that one of our favorite things about our work is to be out in the "Field" meeting  people.We were at 5 different Ag Aviator & Applicator conventions in November and December alone, including the National Convention in Savannah. We got to meet with hundreds of people and hold classes for people who were interested in or using our product. 

2016 is starting off with a bang and in January we will be in 8(yep... you read that right- EIGHT!) different states to host convention booths. That means that it highly likely that we will be near you!  Come see us!  If you aren't coming to a convention but would like to talk to us about Chem-Man, simply contact us and we'll schedule a time to visit, through webinar or in person. 

You can see a list of our travels by going here: Chem-Man On the Road

See you in 2016!