Take Chem-Man with you anywhere

You never know when you'll need to access your Chem-Man Online Software. Out in the field, in the store, at the co-op, date night, while on vacation, sitting in the "deer-woods" or while watching the game. In fact, these days you no longer have to be in the office to work, you can do it anywhere.

Did you know you can access Chem-Man Online anywhere simply by using the login feature on our website?  You can access your information from any internet-connected device by clicking on the orange "Customer login" button in the bottom corner of any page on our website.  

Bookmark our website on your desktop or laptop so that we just a few clicks away. 

You can also make an easily accessible shortcut on your mobile device by following the simple steps featured here: http://www.howtogeek.com/196087/how-to-add-websites-to-the-home-screen-on-any-smartphone-or-tablet/