Regina's Perceptions: Chem-Man syncs with AgPilot X

I’ve always loved technology and the thought of reducing paperwork in an industry that requires so much documentation is exciting to me. I’m very familiar with the progression of media. I wrote our software program “Chem-Man” in DOS where we used the large floppy disks. We then progressed to 3.5 floppies, CDs, SD cards, Zip drives and the awesome USB drive. Now with the evolution of the need for mobility and the internet, even USB drives are considered outdated. The time for an easy streamlined solution is now.

Several months back Anthony Fay and David Dewil of Insero Solutions dropped by our office in Jonesboro to show us their Ipad GPS system.  In explaining their product, Anthony Fay stated “AgPilotX is the first GPS system in the industry to capitalize on the power of an Apple device. Connecting to the internet and email could not be easier. We can send files from the plane to Chem-man effortlessly. You can even run apps like ‘ForeFlight’ and ‘My Radar’ on the AgPilotX”.

 We talked about how outdated our industry has been in multiple areas. Including uploading shape files to the GPS, downloading the applied log information from the GPS for display and having to handwrite documentation about weather, tach, pilot, date applied, etc.

Both companies quickly worked on the ability to load both programs on the Ipad GPS system and getting the Shape files to easily load into the AgpilotX. Now by clicking on a button in the Chem-Man program wirelessly it automatically displays the shape files in the AgpilotX. Chem-Man also worked on getting the AgPilotX’s spray pattern easily uploaded into their software with the optional ability to match it to a job. Currently this has to be done via email but a quick synchronization is the goal.

After talking to owner of Insero, Greg Guyette, we both agreed that a “Beta” customer would be the key in working toward the best wireless solution. They chose “Ag Air Inc.” in Scott MS who were mutual customers of both companies and one of the first customers of the AgPilotX. I talked to owner Gordon Boozer and son Corey who said they are very pleased to be the Beta testers and have been pleased with what they’ve seen in both programs so far.

Chem-Man being used on AgPilot X

I also talked to Anthonie York with the Transland Company who recently bought out the Satloc GPS division from Ag Junction. He said he also wanted to update the G4 systems and work on a wireless transmission of data. He plans on hiring extra developers to make this happen. I have no doubt that as we all work out the details, all of our GPS companies will strive to make this happen.

The stage for complete synchronization is very early but the goal in my view is to save the ag operator from having to document any information that can be done wirelessly. This includes documenting the pilot, weather, tach info, applied gps data, etc.

The ultimate goal is for our pilots to be safe and have the ability to focus on what they’re trained and paid to do. Having fewer things in the cockpit is also a plus. Taking time out for documentation of course is a necessary evil. Hopefully soon that will be a lot easier!

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