Release: 06.08.17

1. Quickbooks Interface - Now Available! 

Our Quickbooks feature is now available. There is a annual fee of $150. Please give us a call or email us if you are interested in this feature. We'll be happy to give you a trial for a bit to make sure that it works for you.

2. More Split Billing Options on the Invoice.

We've had several requests for the display of the split billing information to be suppressed on the invoice. To do this, you can go to setup menu>system settings>invoice. There is a check box that you can uncheck if you don't want to show the customer shares on split billing.

3. Field Location now on the Job Schedule Menu

We now display the first field location of a job on the job schedule menu. We are considering aligning it below the customer due to some width constraints with some mobile devices. 

4. A New Look for Label Information -Also displays on the Loader sheets

The label information (Reentry/preharvest) is now displayed on the loader sheets. It will also now display the maximum number of the reentry/preharvest days associated with the chemicals on a job making it easier to read. Your applicator report and invoices should also reflect this new look. Please note: Currently, our chemical database does not provide the label information. You can enter this information by going to setup menu>chemical/charge screen. The entry fields will be found in the left bottom corner.

5. Diluent on Calculator for Liquid Chemicals

Previously the option to calculate a liquid amount "Per Gallon", or "Diluent" option,  was only displayed if you entered a diluent code in the recipe (Example: 5 gallon work). However, some users don't use the diluent codes in their recipe. We've now included the diluent option for liquid type chemicals even if you don't enter a diluent code.

6. Nearby Fields

We've recently made this feature available to all of our mapping customers to try it out. We're getting a very good response for those who are using it. Please feel free to call or contact us and ask us any questions. You'll find the option on the Setup menu> System Settings>maps. 

7. FSA Borders now available

This feature if now available and found by going to system settings >maps. Just click on the "Show FSA Border Options on Add Location" checkbox. The next time you add a map through the Chem-Man mapping tools, you will see a tool to display the FSA borders to help build your polygons.

Please note: They may not display in all areas if not available. Also be aware these maps were valid up until 2008 when a privacy act was enacted. If the borders are not valid, you have the ability to build your own.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming!