Release: 09.15.17

We wanted to let you know about some new features recently released on the Chem-Man Online Software. 

1. Added Strip Search option to Field Application Search

We've had several requests to be able to filter your jobs by the strip on the field application menu. Simply add your strip and then click "Search" and your menu will be filtered.

2. Ability to Print a Larger Map in the Manage Field Section

We've heard some of you say that the "print" button was too small in the manage field location section. When selected fields to be printed in the manage field location section, the printed map is larger now.

3. Ability to Add Multiple Maps While Adding a Job.

When selecting the locations on a job, you now have the ability to add multiple new fields as part of this process by simply selecting "Add Multiple". When returning to the "Select Location" area your fields will be available and already checked.

4. Handles Conflicting Job Numbers when Multiple People Adding

When multiple people are adding tickets, there may come a time when the job# is the same. The process always looks at the latest job# and adds another number to it. To avoid getting an error because of trying to save a duplicate job#, we now notify the user that the job# has been modified to a new number instead of giving them an error.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222