Release: 09.05.17

We wanted to let you know about some new features recently released on the Chem-Man Online Software. 

1. Attach Map to Email Notifications(Including ones with Applied Logs).

We've had multiple requests to add the ability to send the maps (including those with log file information) along with the email notification to the customer. It's now available. To enable this setting you will need to go to your setup menu> system settings > click on the setting "Attach Applied Map to notifications" in the left bottom corner. 

2. Ability to Upload GPS Applied Log Information in Shape File Format.

We now offer the ability to upload shape files from multiple GPS systems for log information.

3. Ability to Delete a Job with Email Notifications.

You now have the ability to delete a job or invoice that had an email notification.

4. Loader Worksheet Modifications.

When editing the acres on a load of a loader worksheet, the system now updates only the loads below it with the remaining acres rather than doing all previous loads.

5. The Loader Worksheet found on the drop-down portion of the job schedule has a few more options.

We've enhanced this feature to include more print and display options.

6. Internet Explorer Fixes.

Do you use Internet Explorer or Edge?  You can now use these browsers without any error messages when uploading log files and adding pests for multiple locations. 

7. Tiered Pricing Enhancements.

Many of you enjoy the tiered pricing feature for fertilizer. This offers you pricing in two different methods depending on the rates. Now there is an option to offer different prices depending on the number of acres in a job. Please call for help setting this up.

8. Allow User to add more acres to all of the locations in job schedule. (Example: Extra Brushwork).

Many of you have requested the ability to add a few more acres to the job but not necessarily acres on a specific field location. In the past we have instructed you to add another Field setup called "Miscellaneous" or add more acres applied to individual fields.

You can now add more acres applied distributed to all of the fields when entering additional acres in the applied info section. Simply put more acres applied when entering the applied info than are on the job. When you transfer your job, a message will appear that "you've applied too many acres". It will give you the option to increase your acreage or cancel.

Please call with any questions. Note: Currently this can only be done in job scheduling, not when adding a field application directly.

9. Use Native Date Input and Use Native Time Input.

If your system is requiring you to enter your date and time in a weird-looking format or if you are not happy with the current format, please review the Setup Menu> System Settings. "Native" refers to your computer settings. We created this feature for people that needed enhancements for mobile devices. Turn this feature off to revert to the standard input settings. Call with any questions.

Coming Soon!

We are excited about a new upcoming feature that we know you'll love- your own Customer Job Report!  This will allow you to restructure the look of your applicator and loader report.

We are looking at allowing more custom tools for reporting as well. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions.

The Staff of Chem-Man