Release: 01.15.18

We're excited about a new release that we have put in place and that many of you have been asking for:

The new "Get Weather" Feature.

You will be required to enter a date and time, then click on the "Get Weather" button on the right. Note: If you don't enter a time then it still get the weather info but assume noon.

Weather before and after 2.jpg


The weather is gathered by "", which looks at the nearest weather station from the lat/long provided by your location.

If you enter "All locations" in the applied weather section then it will look at the first field's associated lat/long. If you enter each individual fields in the applied section then it will refer to the individual field's lat/long. 

Of course all data can be overwritten!

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

The Staff of Chem-Man