Release: 03.23.18

We're very excited to let you know about another new release from our hard working Chem-Man Online team!

With the new WPS regulations kicking in this year, we have made the pre and post notifications a top priority. We've had the "post" notifications working and now we've added the "pre" notifications.

1. Added more options on the Chemical/Charge Setup 

In order to be compliant on the notifications, we added a few more options on the chemical/charge screen. You will see them at the bottom of the screen when editing or adding a chemical. 


There was "Hours re-entry, Days Preharvest, and Additional Restrictions (where you put everything else).


  • We added the word "PPE" to the Additional Restrictions.
  • We added an option for choosing the Label Signal Word.
  • We added an option for active ingredient.
  • We added an option for Re-Entry PPE.

If you've combined your PPE and Re-Entry PPE in the additional restrictions field, you can cut/paste into separate fields. (Please call with any questions). 

(Note: Our chemical database comes directly from the EPA which does not provide label information. One suggestions is that you use "" for your label lookup. You can then copy/paste the information you need to your chemical setups. We'll be happy to assist you if you have questions on this.)

2. Added more flexibility in printing restrictive information on System Settings.

You now have the ability to print or suppress printing of label information on your pre-notification, loader worksheet, post-notifications and invoices. Please check out the "System Settings", "General System Settings" tab and look at the bottom of the screen.

3. Added Pre-Notifications Option on Job Scheduling.

You will now see an envelope next to your scheduled jobs in the "Manage Basic Job Scheduling" menu. When clicking the envelope, there are options that you can fill in to send to your customer. You have the option to not enter date/time if you prefer. 

After sending the notification, (as required) a digital log will be saved with the job. The envelope will turn a darker color to show that a pre-notification has been sent. You may continue to send more pre-notifications if the job has not been completed.

PLEASE NOTE: You now have the ability to pre-notify and post-notify manually entered locations. (Those who prefer not to choose the field locations). Yeah!

4. Customer report of notifications

Under the Customer Menu, Manage Customers there is an envelope on the menu where you can review the notifications sent to the customer.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

The Staff of Chem-Man