Release: 09.12.18

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our hard working Chem-Man Online team!

Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note. Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Updated Chemical Database and more flexible format options.
We're really proud of our new format and updated chemical database. As you know, we offer the chemical database directly from the EPA as a tool to to provide you the chemical EPA#, manufacturer, restricted state, registered name and now the distributor. We have a new format which adds the distributor option if applicable. We also have a better search tool that will also search for the product distribution name (marketable name) and also the registered name. 

Another enhancement is when adding the new chemical, it will default to "Liq-OZ" instead of "GL" for the default UM applied. Many of you requested this saying that this was the more common application. After adding the chemical, you will immediately see an "Edit" button which will allow you to edit the chemical immediately if necessary.

You can now edit the Manufacturer. There is also more detailed information about the chemical right below the "Description" on the chemical/charge screen that you can click on.

2. Added option to suppress the Description field (field setup) on the statement - Setup Menu, System Settings.

The "Description" field found on the Field Location screen has been used for various things such as farm name, additional notes, etc. In the past, it always showed up along with the field site id on the invoices. However, there is now a way to suppress the description from showing up. Under the Setup Menu> System Settings> Invoice/Statement Tab, there is a checkbox for "Print Location Descriptions". If you want to suppress this from your invoices, uncheck this box.

3. New Graphic Report of Posted Field Applications

We have plans to do many more graphic reports.  We currently have one for you to review in the gross sales report (found in report menu). It is the last option below the sorts. Note: It looks better if you choose landscape mode. 

4. New Email for Support! 

When emailing for support, please send all future emails to This will be distributed to all of our support staff so that we can make sure that the first available person can respond quicker and it's not somehow missed by one.

5. Send BCC of All Notifications 

For those who send post and pre notifications, many have requested that we have one common email for notifications. Under the system settings, general tab, you will now notice there is an option to send BCC of all notifications.

6. Show Density Conversions On Loader Report 

There are some users that wanted to see the density conversions on the loader worksheet (found on the chemical/charge setup). There is now an option to show these by checking "show density conversions on loader report" in the system settings> loader/applicator tab.

7. Projected Use Report on Job Scheduling Menu

You will now see a new button "Projected Use Report" in the "Manage Basic Job Scheduling" screen. It will reflect your entire Qty on Hand along with the amounts scheduled and whether it is Long/Short.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions at 870-238-9222 or email us at