Release: 12.27.18

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note.

Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Farmer Login option.
We're really proud of a new option to allow your growers the ability to login and only see their related jobs and fields. To add a new farmer login, go to Utility Menu > Manage User> Click "Add" to add a new user, then check the type "Farmer". You'll need to put a name and login information as usual. Once the "Farmer" type is checked, you'll notice "Associated Customers" display on the left of your screen. These are the filtered accounts that your grower will be able to view. You'll also notice that there are only two permission options, Scheduling and Field Setup. On the scheduling you have the option to allow them to edit or view only. Feel free to setup a user and try it yourself! 

Some of the future enhancements for Farmer login are:

  • Allow more permissions including the ability to print statements and review invoices.

  • Notification to operation that a new job has been entered.

  • Display on the job scheduling screen the users that entered the work order.

2. Added a "Back to Top" Arrow.

Many of you have mentioned that it's hard to navigate back to the top of your screen if there was a lot of data. We added an arrow at the bottom of your screen to make it easier to get to the top.

3. Added Comment to the Unposted Commission Payment Screen

We added a place for you to put a comment for your commission payments.

4. Invoice Heading Date now prints on Invoice instead of Transaction Date
For those who print invoices, we fixed the issue where it was printing the transaction date instead of the heading date (if different).

We are also working on a smoother "Webconnect" Quickbooks interface that will be using this date to import into Quickbooks. We'll keep you posted on the progress. It's going very well!

5. Show Load Acres on Applicator Page of the Applicator report
You will now see the load acres on the applicator page of the applicator report. We also modified the load box sizes for better display.

6. Several Enhancements on the Layout to the Monthly Summary Report.

There were a few enhancements made to the monthly summary report, including more grand totals.

7. Ability to Text Pre and Post Notifications.
This feature is a workaround feature that seems to work well. When setting up your customers, use the same specification for sending email notifications:

a) Make sure the "Send job notifications by email" box is checked

b)  In the Email Address(es) field, put the cell phone# + "@"  with the extension of the carrier. 

       Example: My cell# is 870-208-3377 and the carrier is Verizon. 

  • Verizon's extension is "". 

  • To get a text instead of an email enter

  • ATT's extension is ""

    **PLEASE NOTE: We plan on doing this automatically without extensions within the near future. We've just had a lot on our plate. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions at 870-238-9222 or email us at