Release: 8.22.19

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

 1. New option to suppress Total Applied GL/LB on Invoices.

We've had several requests to be able to suppress the total applied GL/LB on the invoices. To use these options go to System Settings, Invoice/Statement Formatting tab. You should see the option "Print Total Applied GL/LB on Invoice". If you want to suppress this just uncheck it.  

 2. Invoice/Statement decimal places.

We are working on multiple invoice/statement options and we've had many requests to shorten the number of decimals displayed. You should see a revised look with shorter number of decimal places on your invoice/statements and several reports.

 3. New Options on Posted Field Application Report

You now have the option to suppress the tach time on your posted field applications report. There is also an option to filter by Consultant. (For more info on setting up consultants please give us a call)

 4. Quickbooks Desktop Interface with Chem-Man

 For those Quickbook desktop users, we now have the interface to sync your customers and invoices via the Webconnect tool. If you are interested in this tool,  please call to schedule an individual one-on-one training with Regina. 

*Please note: Quickbooks online is planned for a future release. 

  5. Chemical Sales Menu Changes

 In order to be consistent with the field application menu, we modified the Chemical Sales Menu to be slightly different. You can now go directly to the unposted or posted chemical sales.

 6. New Data Comparison Report comparing Acres.

 Under the Reports Menu, there is a new data comparison report where you can compare your acres from year to year. Check it out!

 7. Option to post if printing individual invoice.

For those of you who print individual invoices, you will see a new option to post the invoice after printing. This will hopefully save you a step from having to post after returning back to the invoice.

The following update only applies to select customers who use the payment method of applying their payments to outstanding invoices instead of payment balance.

 8. Option to update the transaction date when printing invoices.

 There is now an optional feature to update the Transaction Date with the Heading Date when you print an invoice. The reason that this option can be useful is because the aging, finance charges and discounts are affected by the transaction date. Please call us if you have any questions on this process. 


Other new things…

This is an exciting time for Chem-Man. We're really proud to announce that we've hired additional developers to help us with our many requests! We have a new enhanced mapping and job scheduling version that will be coming out soon! It is in testing mode and will cover many new requests that we've been receiving. 

Thanks to everyone who gives us input. We truly listen and hope to get your request done asap.


 The Chem-Man Team!