Release: 9.10.19

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New option to show weather info on Post Notifications.

If you'd like to include weather info on your post notification, go to "Setup menu", "System Settings", "General System Settings" and click on "Display Weather Info on Post Notifications".

2. The customer phone# shows on the manage customer menu.

It's now easier to find a customer phone# in the manage customer menu. No need to click on "edit" anymore to find a phone#.

3. New Fuel Used Report

You now have the ability to track your estimated fuel consumption and costs. There are several places that are used to calculate your fuel used.

A) You will need to decide which method that you want to determine your fuel usage by. If you do not enter your service life information (Tach hours, flights starts) then we suggest that you choose the "Acre" method, otherwise "Tach hour" method. Under the "Setup Menu, System Settings, General System Settings" click on the method that you prefer and then "Save System Settings'. In the same menu enter the "Current Fuel Price" amount. Note: This will be the default fuel price when adding new jobs but can be modified. If an invoice does not have a fuel price entered then it will look at this amount to calculate the fuel costs.

B) Enter the fuel used per tach/acre for each vehicle. Under the "Vehicle Menu", "Manage Vehicles", you'll see a "Fuel Used" field. Please enter the gallons per tach or acre on average used by this vehicle.

C) Enter the current fuel price on the invoice. Note: It will automatically bring in the default from the system settings but can be overridden.


Gallons used: Vehicle Gallons per tach/acre x tach/acres per job.

Estimated Fuel Cost: Gallons used x Current Fuel Price on job.

The report can be found under "Report Menu", "Fuel Used Report".

4. Report showing which customers have the email statement option.

Now that our system allows you to email individual statements, you need a report to view which customers have the option turned on for emailing statements. This report can be found under the "Report Menu", "Customer Reports", "Customer Statement Email Listing".

5. The consultant and their mobile phone# has been added to the applicator portion of the applicator report.

For those of you who use consultants, we have now added the consultant to the 2nd page of the applicator report. It will also display their mobile# if you document it under the utility menu, manage user section.

Thanks to everyone who gives us input. We truly listen and hope to get your request done asap.


The Chem-Man Team!