Release: 3.06.19

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note.

Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Payment Plan (Pay per invoice versus Pay Per Statement Balance)

We're really proud of a new option to allow users to apply the payments toward individual invoices. We call it the Pay Per Invoice (PPI) plan. For users that mail out monthly statements and do not mail invoices, the preferred method is to pay the payment toward the statement balance. However, for those of you who mail out invoices in batches (not just at the end of the month), there have been many requests to apply the payment toward the invoice. This will also allow the invoices to be individually aged and finance charges accrued per invoice. We will send out a more detailed manual if you're interested in the PPI plan. Just give us a call or email us at Please note there is a conversion process of your data if you want to switch to PPI and have the original style.

2. New Payment Screen

We are enhancing the entire program to a new style. We started with the payment screen and we think you'll be pleased. It  loads much faster and the user has the option to leave the screen if necessary without losing the entry data. We have included a link to a video below explaining the new style. One of the things to remember is to click on the "All" checkbox to post all of your transactions. This will be a great tool to verify that you've entered all of the necessary data. In the former screen it verified the data as you entered it and made it a little jumpy. Notice there is an "All" checkbox at the top and bottom. Click either one. They both do the same thing which is to check which transactions will be posted.

3. Added Warehouse Option for Inventory

We have had multiple requests for inventory customers to be able to add the option of filtering by warehouse. There is now an "Inventory" tab on our system settings with an option to "Display Warehouse Selection and Grouping". This will add a new feature under the System Setting to "Setup Warehouse". Once this is done you'll be able to add a default warehouse on your chemical setup screen (optional). You'll also be able to add a warehouse when adding inventory and scheduling/invoicing jobs. There will also be filtering options on your inventory reports for warehouse. Please note: Many of you were using the Display Vendor option as a workaround for the warehouse. You still have the option to show vendor or you can suppress it. There will be probably be some conversion needed for existing inventory without warehouses. Please give us a call if you're interested in this feature so that we can schedule a time to get this done.

Upcoming Features Soon to be Released!

We realize that that there are a lot of requests and we appreciate your patience. Some of the major things that are soon to be released are:

  1.  New Job Schedule screen allowing users to quickly add temporary and/or partial maps on a job. We're rewriting in our new language and the screen will most likely load much faster! Transferring to separate billing entities will transfer into separate invoices. 

  2. Webconnect with Quickbooks Desktop is an easier way to sync your data with Quickbooks. We are in testing mode and will upgrade to "Phase 2" following allowing users to sync with adding inventory as well.

  3. Inventory Enhancements. We've recently added the warehouse. We're also planning on an easier "Zap" function to start fresh with inventory. We're adding and enhancing our inventory reports to give you more data you need.

  4. Invoice/Statement revisions: We've had a lot of requests to enhance/modify the invoices including the ability to email them. This is a focus that is very important to us and can't wait to get you the features you've been wanting.

There are many other requests that we're also working into the system. I wish they were all done but we're getting there. Thanks to everyone who gives us input. We truly listen and hope to get your request done asap.


The Chem-Man Team!