Chem-Man Online has a new feature for those of you who sell chemicals and use our inventory.

Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Chemical History Report option to see Total Sales, Costs and Margins: 

Under the Inventory menu,  Chemical History Report, there is a new option to see the sales, costs and margins along with the chemical information. (We suggest unchecking the additions, deductions and job scheduling since these do not pertain to invoices). Click on the "Show Sale Details" option and any other filters that you want. For more information check out the video.

Do you use the Calculator Tool? If not watch this video.

COMING SOON! We're working hard on our enhanced version of our job scheduling and invoice screen with  many new options. We're also getting closer on our Quickbooks Webconnect version that integrates each invoice with Chem-Man Online. Due to the complexity of each, we are still working on getting these completed. We are sorry for the delay but really want to get it right before releasing any updates.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions and for being a loyal Chem-Man customer!

We strive to be the best we can be.


Your friends at Chem-Man


Release: 3.06.19

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note.

Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Payment Plan (Pay per invoice versus Pay Per Statement Balance)

We're really proud of a new option to allow users to apply the payments toward individual invoices. We call it the Pay Per Invoice (PPI) plan. For users that mail out monthly statements and do not mail invoices, the preferred method is to pay the payment toward the statement balance. However, for those of you who mail out invoices in batches (not just at the end of the month), there have been many requests to apply the payment toward the invoice. This will also allow the invoices to be individually aged and finance charges accrued per invoice. We will send out a more detailed manual if you're interested in the PPI plan. Just give us a call or email us at Please note there is a conversion process of your data if you want to switch to PPI and have the original style.

2. New Payment Screen

We are enhancing the entire program to a new style. We started with the payment screen and we think you'll be pleased. It  loads much faster and the user has the option to leave the screen if necessary without losing the entry data. We have included a link to a video below explaining the new style. One of the things to remember is to click on the "All" checkbox to post all of your transactions. This will be a great tool to verify that you've entered all of the necessary data. In the former screen it verified the data as you entered it and made it a little jumpy. Notice there is an "All" checkbox at the top and bottom. Click either one. They both do the same thing which is to check which transactions will be posted.

3. Added Warehouse Option for Inventory

We have had multiple requests for inventory customers to be able to add the option of filtering by warehouse. There is now an "Inventory" tab on our system settings with an option to "Display Warehouse Selection and Grouping". This will add a new feature under the System Setting to "Setup Warehouse". Once this is done you'll be able to add a default warehouse on your chemical setup screen (optional). You'll also be able to add a warehouse when adding inventory and scheduling/invoicing jobs. There will also be filtering options on your inventory reports for warehouse. Please note: Many of you were using the Display Vendor option as a workaround for the warehouse. You still have the option to show vendor or you can suppress it. There will be probably be some conversion needed for existing inventory without warehouses. Please give us a call if you're interested in this feature so that we can schedule a time to get this done.

Upcoming Features Soon to be Released!

We realize that that there are a lot of requests and we appreciate your patience. Some of the major things that are soon to be released are:

  1.  New Job Schedule screen allowing users to quickly add temporary and/or partial maps on a job. We're rewriting in our new language and the screen will most likely load much faster! Transferring to separate billing entities will transfer into separate invoices. 

  2. Webconnect with Quickbooks Desktop is an easier way to sync your data with Quickbooks. We are in testing mode and will upgrade to "Phase 2" following allowing users to sync with adding inventory as well.

  3. Inventory Enhancements. We've recently added the warehouse. We're also planning on an easier "Zap" function to start fresh with inventory. We're adding and enhancing our inventory reports to give you more data you need.

  4. Invoice/Statement revisions: We've had a lot of requests to enhance/modify the invoices including the ability to email them. This is a focus that is very important to us and can't wait to get you the features you've been wanting.

There are many other requests that we're also working into the system. I wish they were all done but we're getting there. Thanks to everyone who gives us input. We truly listen and hope to get your request done asap.


The Chem-Man Team!


Release: 12.27.18

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note.

Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Farmer Login option.
We're really proud of a new option to allow your growers the ability to login and only see their related jobs and fields. To add a new farmer login, go to Utility Menu > Manage User> Click "Add" to add a new user, then check the type "Farmer". You'll need to put a name and login information as usual. Once the "Farmer" type is checked, you'll notice "Associated Customers" display on the left of your screen. These are the filtered accounts that your grower will be able to view. You'll also notice that there are only two permission options, Scheduling and Field Setup. On the scheduling you have the option to allow them to edit or view only. Feel free to setup a user and try it yourself! 

Some of the future enhancements for Farmer login are:

  • Allow more permissions including the ability to print statements and review invoices.

  • Notification to operation that a new job has been entered.

  • Display on the job scheduling screen the users that entered the work order.

2. Added a "Back to Top" Arrow.

Many of you have mentioned that it's hard to navigate back to the top of your screen if there was a lot of data. We added an arrow at the bottom of your screen to make it easier to get to the top.

3. Added Comment to the Unposted Commission Payment Screen

We added a place for you to put a comment for your commission payments.

4. Invoice Heading Date now prints on Invoice instead of Transaction Date
For those who print invoices, we fixed the issue where it was printing the transaction date instead of the heading date (if different).

We are also working on a smoother "Webconnect" Quickbooks interface that will be using this date to import into Quickbooks. We'll keep you posted on the progress. It's going very well!

5. Show Load Acres on Applicator Page of the Applicator report
You will now see the load acres on the applicator page of the applicator report. We also modified the load box sizes for better display.

6. Several Enhancements on the Layout to the Monthly Summary Report.

There were a few enhancements made to the monthly summary report, including more grand totals.

7. Ability to Text Pre and Post Notifications.
This feature is a workaround feature that seems to work well. When setting up your customers, use the same specification for sending email notifications:

a) Make sure the "Send job notifications by email" box is checked

b)  In the Email Address(es) field, put the cell phone# + "@"  with the extension of the carrier. 

       Example: My cell# is 870-208-3377 and the carrier is Verizon. 

  • Verizon's extension is "". 

  • To get a text instead of an email enter

  • ATT's extension is ""

    **PLEASE NOTE: We plan on doing this automatically without extensions within the near future. We've just had a lot on our plate. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions at 870-238-9222 or email us at

Release: 09.12.18

We're very excited to let you know about more updates from our hard working Chem-Man Online team!

Some of these updates have been gradual and so we've waited until we had several items to put in a release note. Here are just a few of the things that we've been working on.

1. New Updated Chemical Database and more flexible format options.
We're really proud of our new format and updated chemical database. As you know, we offer the chemical database directly from the EPA as a tool to to provide you the chemical EPA#, manufacturer, restricted state, registered name and now the distributor. We have a new format which adds the distributor option if applicable. We also have a better search tool that will also search for the product distribution name (marketable name) and also the registered name. 

Another enhancement is when adding the new chemical, it will default to "Liq-OZ" instead of "GL" for the default UM applied. Many of you requested this saying that this was the more common application. After adding the chemical, you will immediately see an "Edit" button which will allow you to edit the chemical immediately if necessary.

You can now edit the Manufacturer. There is also more detailed information about the chemical right below the "Description" on the chemical/charge screen that you can click on.

2. Added option to suppress the Description field (field setup) on the statement - Setup Menu, System Settings.

The "Description" field found on the Field Location screen has been used for various things such as farm name, additional notes, etc. In the past, it always showed up along with the field site id on the invoices. However, there is now a way to suppress the description from showing up. Under the Setup Menu> System Settings> Invoice/Statement Tab, there is a checkbox for "Print Location Descriptions". If you want to suppress this from your invoices, uncheck this box.

3. New Graphic Report of Posted Field Applications

We have plans to do many more graphic reports.  We currently have one for you to review in the gross sales report (found in report menu). It is the last option below the sorts. Note: It looks better if you choose landscape mode. 

4. New Email for Support! 

When emailing for support, please send all future emails to This will be distributed to all of our support staff so that we can make sure that the first available person can respond quicker and it's not somehow missed by one.

5. Send BCC of All Notifications 

For those who send post and pre notifications, many have requested that we have one common email for notifications. Under the system settings, general tab, you will now notice there is an option to send BCC of all notifications.

6. Show Density Conversions On Loader Report 

There are some users that wanted to see the density conversions on the loader worksheet (found on the chemical/charge setup). There is now an option to show these by checking "show density conversions on loader report" in the system settings> loader/applicator tab.

7. Projected Use Report on Job Scheduling Menu

You will now see a new button "Projected Use Report" in the "Manage Basic Job Scheduling" screen. It will reflect your entire Qty on Hand along with the amounts scheduled and whether it is Long/Short.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions at 870-238-9222 or email us at

Release: 03.23.18

We're very excited to let you know about another new release from our hard working Chem-Man Online team!

With the new WPS regulations kicking in this year, we have made the pre and post notifications a top priority. We've had the "post" notifications working and now we've added the "pre" notifications.

1. Added more options on the Chemical/Charge Setup 

In order to be compliant on the notifications, we added a few more options on the chemical/charge screen. You will see them at the bottom of the screen when editing or adding a chemical. 


There was "Hours re-entry, Days Preharvest, and Additional Restrictions (where you put everything else).


  • We added the word "PPE" to the Additional Restrictions.
  • We added an option for choosing the Label Signal Word.
  • We added an option for active ingredient.
  • We added an option for Re-Entry PPE.

If you've combined your PPE and Re-Entry PPE in the additional restrictions field, you can cut/paste into separate fields. (Please call with any questions). 

(Note: Our chemical database comes directly from the EPA which does not provide label information. One suggestions is that you use "" for your label lookup. You can then copy/paste the information you need to your chemical setups. We'll be happy to assist you if you have questions on this.)

2. Added more flexibility in printing restrictive information on System Settings.

You now have the ability to print or suppress printing of label information on your pre-notification, loader worksheet, post-notifications and invoices. Please check out the "System Settings", "General System Settings" tab and look at the bottom of the screen.

3. Added Pre-Notifications Option on Job Scheduling.

You will now see an envelope next to your scheduled jobs in the "Manage Basic Job Scheduling" menu. When clicking the envelope, there are options that you can fill in to send to your customer. You have the option to not enter date/time if you prefer. 

After sending the notification, (as required) a digital log will be saved with the job. The envelope will turn a darker color to show that a pre-notification has been sent. You may continue to send more pre-notifications if the job has not been completed.

PLEASE NOTE: You now have the ability to pre-notify and post-notify manually entered locations. (Those who prefer not to choose the field locations). Yeah!

4. Customer report of notifications

Under the Customer Menu, Manage Customers there is an envelope on the menu where you can review the notifications sent to the customer.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

The Staff of Chem-Man


Release: 01.15.18

We're excited about a new release that we have put in place and that many of you have been asking for:

The new "Get Weather" Feature.

You will be required to enter a date and time, then click on the "Get Weather" button on the right. Note: If you don't enter a time then it still get the weather info but assume noon.

Weather before and after 2.jpg


The weather is gathered by "", which looks at the nearest weather station from the lat/long provided by your location.

If you enter "All locations" in the applied weather section then it will look at the first field's associated lat/long. If you enter each individual fields in the applied section then it will refer to the individual field's lat/long. 

Of course all data can be overwritten!

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

The Staff of Chem-Man


Release: 11.10.17

We wanted to let you know about some new features recently released on the Chem-Man Online Software. 

1. Added Liquid (L) or Dry (D) to the Jobs Menu.

We've had multiple requests for the ability to distinguish a job from liquid or dry. We added a color coded "L" or "D" next to the invoice# on the menu. You can also filter liquid or dry jobs from the "Type" drop-down on the filtering selection.

2. Discount Customers - Added Discount Total to Posted Field Application Report.

The customer discount total per invoice has been added to this report. 

3. Posted Field Application - Added State and County to the CSV

For those who need the ability to separate their values by state and/or county, we've added the state and county to the csv option on the posted field application report. Remember that in order to get totals in multiple ways, the csv is broken down into multiple records per job. If you would like help sorting/grouping this please give us a call.

4. Legal Lookup (S-T-R).

We're still working on getting our states updated for this search feature. Please give us a call on the status of your state and we'll keep you posted.

5. Gross Sale Report Enhancements

When sorting by chemical/charge type, there is much more detailed and subtotal options. You also have the ability to enter specific job# for values.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

Release: 09.15.17

We wanted to let you know about some new features recently released on the Chem-Man Online Software. 

1. Added Strip Search option to Field Application Search

We've had several requests to be able to filter your jobs by the strip on the field application menu. Simply add your strip and then click "Search" and your menu will be filtered.

2. Ability to Print a Larger Map in the Manage Field Section

We've heard some of you say that the "print" button was too small in the manage field location section. When selected fields to be printed in the manage field location section, the printed map is larger now.

3. Ability to Add Multiple Maps While Adding a Job.

When selecting the locations on a job, you now have the ability to add multiple new fields as part of this process by simply selecting "Add Multiple". When returning to the "Select Location" area your fields will be available and already checked.

4. Handles Conflicting Job Numbers when Multiple People Adding

When multiple people are adding tickets, there may come a time when the job# is the same. The process always looks at the latest job# and adds another number to it. To avoid getting an error because of trying to save a duplicate job#, we now notify the user that the job# has been modified to a new number instead of giving them an error.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

Release: 09.05.17

We wanted to let you know about some new features recently released on the Chem-Man Online Software. 

1. Attach Map to Email Notifications(Including ones with Applied Logs).

We've had multiple requests to add the ability to send the maps (including those with log file information) along with the email notification to the customer. It's now available. To enable this setting you will need to go to your setup menu> system settings > click on the setting "Attach Applied Map to notifications" in the left bottom corner. 

2. Ability to Upload GPS Applied Log Information in Shape File Format.

We now offer the ability to upload shape files from multiple GPS systems for log information.

3. Ability to Delete a Job with Email Notifications.

You now have the ability to delete a job or invoice that had an email notification.

4. Loader Worksheet Modifications.

When editing the acres on a load of a loader worksheet, the system now updates only the loads below it with the remaining acres rather than doing all previous loads.

5. The Loader Worksheet found on the drop-down portion of the job schedule has a few more options.

We've enhanced this feature to include more print and display options.

6. Internet Explorer Fixes.

Do you use Internet Explorer or Edge?  You can now use these browsers without any error messages when uploading log files and adding pests for multiple locations. 

7. Tiered Pricing Enhancements.

Many of you enjoy the tiered pricing feature for fertilizer. This offers you pricing in two different methods depending on the rates. Now there is an option to offer different prices depending on the number of acres in a job. Please call for help setting this up.

8. Allow User to add more acres to all of the locations in job schedule. (Example: Extra Brushwork).

Many of you have requested the ability to add a few more acres to the job but not necessarily acres on a specific field location. In the past we have instructed you to add another Field setup called "Miscellaneous" or add more acres applied to individual fields.

You can now add more acres applied distributed to all of the fields when entering additional acres in the applied info section. Simply put more acres applied when entering the applied info than are on the job. When you transfer your job, a message will appear that "you've applied too many acres". It will give you the option to increase your acreage or cancel.

Please call with any questions. Note: Currently this can only be done in job scheduling, not when adding a field application directly.

9. Use Native Date Input and Use Native Time Input.

If your system is requiring you to enter your date and time in a weird-looking format or if you are not happy with the current format, please review the Setup Menu> System Settings. "Native" refers to your computer settings. We created this feature for people that needed enhancements for mobile devices. Turn this feature off to revert to the standard input settings. Call with any questions.

Coming Soon!

We are excited about a new upcoming feature that we know you'll love- your own Customer Job Report!  This will allow you to restructure the look of your applicator and loader report.

We are looking at allowing more custom tools for reporting as well. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions.

The Staff of Chem-Man


Release: 07.18.17

1. New Option to add Obstructions on Fields

We now offer you the option to add obstructions on field locations. Simply click on Setup menu, Manage Obstructions. Find the area on the map that you'd like to add the obstruction on. (Doesn't have to be a polygon). When you find the area that you want to add an obstruction, click on the obstruction and then click on the area to place it. You can also drag it if necessary. The obstruction will then appear anywhere the map is viewed. 

We've created a tutorial link for you to watch.

2. Extra Comm % on Chemical/Charge Screen

If you have a need to add an additional percentage depending on the chemical/charge code setup, you now have the ability to add a % if commission is set to %.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming! As always please call our support line with any questions. 870-238-9222

Release: 06.22.17

1. New Option to Print Maps on Selected Fields

We now offer you the option to view/print a map of specific fields. Just click on the checkbox of the field locations that you'd like to print and then click on the button "Map Selected Locations". 

2. Diluent Amount in Decimal Available.

We now offer you the ability to put in diluent amounts in decimal format. 

3. New Commission Report

There is a new Commission Scoreboard Report that can be found in the applicator menu.

4. Option to Print Vendor on Invoice

There is now an option to print the vendor on your invoice. You must enable it in the system settings > invoice tab. We have more more options for invoice formatting coming soon.

5. Option to Display Customer Name on Nearby Fields

 There is a new option on the display nearby field polygons. You can now display the customer name on the polygon. It is found in the system settings > map tab.

Release: 06.08.17

1. Quickbooks Interface - Now Available! 

Our Quickbooks feature is now available. There is a annual fee of $150. Please give us a call or email us if you are interested in this feature. We'll be happy to give you a trial for a bit to make sure that it works for you.

2. More Split Billing Options on the Invoice.

We've had several requests for the display of the split billing information to be suppressed on the invoice. To do this, you can go to setup menu>system settings>invoice. There is a check box that you can uncheck if you don't want to show the customer shares on split billing.

3. Field Location now on the Job Schedule Menu

We now display the first field location of a job on the job schedule menu. We are considering aligning it below the customer due to some width constraints with some mobile devices. 

4. A New Look for Label Information -Also displays on the Loader sheets

The label information (Reentry/preharvest) is now displayed on the loader sheets. It will also now display the maximum number of the reentry/preharvest days associated with the chemicals on a job making it easier to read. Your applicator report and invoices should also reflect this new look. Please note: Currently, our chemical database does not provide the label information. You can enter this information by going to setup menu>chemical/charge screen. The entry fields will be found in the left bottom corner.

5. Diluent on Calculator for Liquid Chemicals

Previously the option to calculate a liquid amount "Per Gallon", or "Diluent" option,  was only displayed if you entered a diluent code in the recipe (Example: 5 gallon work). However, some users don't use the diluent codes in their recipe. We've now included the diluent option for liquid type chemicals even if you don't enter a diluent code.

6. Nearby Fields

We've recently made this feature available to all of our mapping customers to try it out. We're getting a very good response for those who are using it. Please feel free to call or contact us and ask us any questions. You'll find the option on the Setup menu> System Settings>maps. 

7. FSA Borders now available

This feature if now available and found by going to system settings >maps. Just click on the "Show FSA Border Options on Add Location" checkbox. The next time you add a map through the Chem-Man mapping tools, you will see a tool to display the FSA borders to help build your polygons.

Please note: They may not display in all areas if not available. Also be aware these maps were valid up until 2008 when a privacy act was enacted. If the borders are not valid, you have the ability to build your own.

Thanks for your many requests and all of your patience. We've got more coming!