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Here's a video of the Chem-Man Online webinar.

Chem-Man Online being used by AgpilotX

Now with an option to see the sales, costs, and margins along with the chemical information. (We suggest unchecking the additions, deductions and job scheduling since these do not pertain to invoices).

Ever wondered how to use our software's calculator? Check out this handy tool. It's another way that our product can save you time and money.

Learn about how easy it is to make maps in Chem-Man Online!
Chem-Man Online from a Retailer/Coop perspective.

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Check out how to schedule a job and transfer it to an invoice in Chem-Man Online.



Customer Service is king and Chem-Man Online has several innovative features to help you keep track all of your customer information. You can record payments, customize discounts, and track key data about your customers from right inside the software!


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