Technology Solutions

We don’t just sell software, we provide solutions.  Not only have we been providing Ag Application Software for over twenty years, we also have over two decades of professional Information Technology (IT) experience.  From solving connectivity issues to helping you set up your computers or printers, we can help advise you on ways to get the most out of your new Chem-Man Software.

Chem-Man Mobile

Ever wish that you could access your information from anywhere?  Chem-Man Mobile will help you connect on-line through any internet-connected device.  Whether through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your latest information will be at your fingertips.

Online vs. Desktop

Chem-Man has been providing state-of-the-art ag application software for over 20 years.  While some of our customers remain loyal desktop users, many are now switching to “Chem-Man Online”.  This new product provides all of the features of our desktop software, but offers more versatility,mobility, and extra functionality.  DataSmart makes it so easy by quickly transferring your desktop data and getting you started right away!

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